The Staff

Harold Bach

PADI Course Director

Harold has been a full-time scuba instructor his entire "second childhood". He has earned the PADI Platinum Course Director rating numerous times, one of only a few in the world. He teaches Instructor courses at many locations in the midwest and the Caribbean. Author of many PADI Distinctive Specialties, he also teaches the Solo Diver course. He loves to teach and teaches every course listed on this website. He also loves to travel and when he and Eileen run a dive trip, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun!

Eileen Skiba- in spirit

PADI Master Instructor

Eileen became an Instructor in 2003 and a Master Instructor in 2005. She certified over 2000 students in that short time! Eileen's love for the underwater world was reflected in her passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge with students and other divers. By sharing that passion, many of her students started by taking their first breath underwater and then progressed to the Divemaster level and beyond. As an IDC Staff Instructor, she assisted with over 40 Instructor Development Courses. You would have loved taking her classes! She also worked for Ultimate Dive Travel and led many dive trips along with Harold. Eileen passed away in January 2013, due to pancreatic cancer. She will be missed by all that knew her.

Chuck Campagne

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Chuck has been diving for over 12 years and teaching for the last 6. He loves to travel. His favorites spots are the Pacific and the Caribbean. He enjoys taking pictures underwater (when they come out) as well as watching his students experience their first breath on scuba.

Dean Gerdez

Master Instructor

Dean just became an Instructor in 2012, but you will feel that he has been teaching forever. He has been diving for over ten years. His students love him and keep coming back to dive with him over and over again. He spent a lot of time diving (and living) in Thailand, and can tell you all about their dive sites!

John Wator

Master SCUBA Diver Trainer

After 35 years as a high school educator, 30 at Carl Sandburg HS, John took his first breath underwater in 2007 and was hooked. As he continued to enjoy diving and to improve his skills he became an Instructor in 2014. John enjoys teaching and dive travel.