Looking for new or gently used equipment? We have several great products to choose from.
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New Items

Scuba leggings by Keys Life

These breathable non-fade leggings have an SPF 50 protection built into them. You can wear them on the boat as a rash-guard, to workout classes or just around town for fun. They are beautiful wearable art. Over 50 styles to choose from and they come with coordinated tops-both tanks and long sleeve. Sizes XS to XXL.

Women's Tank Top

This beautiful tank is made of the same material as the leggings and has an SPF 30 factor. You can mix and match with your leggings. Over 40 styles to choose from. Sizes XS to XXL

Women's Long Sleeve Shirt

This top is also made of the same material as the leggings. It also has an SPF 30 protection factor. Designed to accompany the leggings, it can be worn as a rash guard on the boat, at workout class or around town. Over 40 styles from which to choose. Size XS to XXL.

Cover-up Dress

These dresses are great for on the boat, both pre- and post-dive, as well as for around the resort or around town. SPF 30 factor. Just wash in the hang, hang up to dry and it will be wrinkle and shrink resistant, non-fade and breathable. This is fun art that you can wear! Many styles to choose from. Sizes XS to XXL

Men's Shirts-both Long and Short Sleeves

These shirts are made of 100% polyester, so they are wrinkle and shrink resistant. You can wash them in the sink, hang them up to dry and then wear them again. SPF 30 factor. Non-fade dying process. Sizes XS to XXXL


We have a limited supply of these. Great to keep hair out of your eyes and away from the mask. Also keeps the top of your head from getting burnt. Won't slip like other similar products.

Scuba "Good-Hood"

This hood acts as a rash guard, covering the head and securing the hair. Made of the same material as the dive socks, it can help you slide into wetsuits with neck seals, keep your head from getting sunburned or keep stinging creatures away from your head. We have a limit supply.

Used Items

Ikelite Video Camera Housing + Sony HD Camera

Both items are in excellent condition. Retail was over $2,000. The housing is an Ikelite 6039.21 Underwater Video Camera Housing. Full control over camera, Optical Glass Port, UR/Pro Colour Filter. The camera is a Sony HDR-XR500V Video Camera. 1920x1080 HD video, 12.1 megapixel still image Capture, 1080p, built in 120 GB hard drive for hours of recording, 3.2-inch Widescreen touch panel extra fine LCD display and color viewfinder, battery, power cords, manuals, original box, controller.

"True" Treadmill

This was purchased new and has had very light use (she hates to run!). It is a "gym-quality" unit with a wider orthopedic track that provides safer, softer landings.

Lat Machine

This was also purchased new. Includes the weights and a medicine ball.

Rinse Tank

This tank will hold 3 full sets of gear, including wetsuits. Lightweight and durable.