The IDC/IE Guarantee

We are so confident in our teaching methods that we guarantee that you will pass your IE the first time, or we will pay for the second exam!

Our job is not done until you are a scuba instructor, and you cannot become a PADI Instructor until you pass the IE. So we work extremely hard to make sure that you are successful at the IE. This also translates into being a better instructor. We have developed new teaching methodologies to make sure that you are ready before you take the exam. Since 2008, every candidate in every one of our classes has passed the IE on their first try. Overall in the past 10 years, our pass rate is 97% on the first try and 100% on the second try. And we teach an average of 7 IDC/OWSI classes every year!

What does this mean? This means that if you sign up to take the IDC or OWSI class with us, you will become a quality PADI instructor. Harold Bach has earned the PADI Frequent Trainer award every year since the awards were created. He is one of a handful of Course Directors in the world with 5 or more Platinum awards. His former students are currently employed in 6 countries around the world!

What's the catch? The only catch is that both you must attend all 5 days of the course and then you and Harold must agree that you are ready for the exam. Then if you aren't successful on any one part of the IE, you must still make a good-faith effort to pass the other 3 parts during that exam. Afterwards, we will work with you to get you ready for the next exam.

We are confident that you will be so satisfied with your training that like the majority of active instructors in the Chicagoland area, you will refer your students to us when it's time for them to take the IDC.